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OBLIGATION.. mini-test 3

Have you seen the newspaper yet?


A: Yes, I did.
B: Yes, I read it this morning.
C: Yes, I have looked at it five minutes ago.
D: Yes, I have to see it.
E: Yes, I has.

2. Which is NOT CORRECT?
A: You’ve got to buy your tickets before you go into the theater.
B: You’ve got to be joking!
C: Mario usually must drink coffee in the morning.
D: You must be crazy!
E: You have to swear loyalty to the country when you become the president.

3. Fill in the blank:
The doctor said she ______ take aspirin and drink lots of water.
A: has got to
B: will
C: necessary
D: have to
E: may

4. Fill in the blank:
When we got to the border, we ______ show our passports.
A: should
B: have
C: must
D: must have
E: had to

5. Fill in the blank:
When I was in school, we ______ study Ancient Latin.
A: mustn’t have
B: hadn’t
C: hadn’t got to
D: didn’t have to
E: mustn’t

6. Fill in the blank:
Peter ______ take three exams before he graduates.
A: have to
B: would
C: has got to
D: can
E: had got to

7. Fill in the blank:
Eric ______ drive around for three hours before he found a parking place.
A: must have
B: had got to
C: must
D: has to
E: had to

8. Fill in the blank:
To get to Brooklyn from Manhattan, you ______ take the A-Train.
A: would
B: are able to
C: will
D: can
E: ought

9. Fill in the blank:
If you want help on your English homework, you ______ ask Uncle Tom.
A: are able to
B: can
C: will
D: got to
E: would

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