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CONJUCTION USE mini-test 8

1. Fill in the blank:
______ Sumiko hates chocolate, she loves sugar.
A: But
B: Or
C: Although
D: And
E: So

2. Fill in the blank:
He was invited ______ he did not come.
A: if
B: when
C: or
D: but
E: while

3. Fill in the blank:
They’re tired ______ they worked for ten hours.
A: because
B: however
C: or
D: when
E: except

4. Fill in the blank:
She dictates ______ I type.
A: while
B: for
C: during
D: or
E: although

5. Fill in the blank:
We get good grades ______ we study.
A: but
B: except
C: or
D: during
E: because

6. Fill in the blank:
All the leaves are brown ______ the sky is grey.
A: or
B: either
C: and
D: finally
E: before

7. Fill in the blank:
Everybody’s talking at me ______ I can’t hear a word they’re saying.
A: either
B: if
C: or
D: but
E: then

8. Fill in the blank:
“America: love it ______ leave it.”
A: except
B: but
C: so that
D: or
E: when

9. Fill in the blank:
The recession has caused a $1.00 drop in share prices, ______ 45 percent.
A: whereas
B: or
C: but
D: so
E: if

10. Fill in the blank:
You won’t ______ you don’t practice.
A: to get better because
B: get any better if
C: getting better if
D: better since
E: improve but

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