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croquis Colombia

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croquiscolombia.gif (GIF Imagen, 338×476 pixels) – Escalado (94%)“; var fb_sitename_1339136 = “galoperiscol’s posterous“; var fb_link_url_1339136 = “http://galoperiscol.posterous.com/croquiscolombiagif-gif-imagen-338×476-pixels”; var fb_img_data_1339136 = [{‘src’:’http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/galoperiscol/EycnoynAnJGlhhjIonpeJoEtfuoFkkiereiAdpaBsbnEmcvdmhIIdgzgrkto/media_httpwwwdisasterinfonetdesplazadosmapascroquiscolombiagif_hFIbFmgyEDGbdGk.gif.thumb.gif’, ‘href’:’http://galoperiscol.posterous.com/croquiscolombiagif-gif-imagen-338×476-pixels’}]; var fb_mp3_data_1339136 = {}; var fb_vid_data_1339136 = {}; var fb_snippet_1339136 = ” via disaster-info.net   ” + ” …”;

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